Virginia Review of Asian Studies

Current Issue: Volume 18 (2016)

The Virginia Review of Asian Studies (VRAS) is an annual on-line publication of the Virginia Consortium for Asian Studies (VCAS) and the Department of Asian Studies at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton Virginia. VRAS (ISSN 2169-6306) replaces the Occasional Papers of the Virginia Consortium for Asian Studies that was published from time to time from 1984 through 1990.

VRAS is designed to promote quality scholarship on Asia in Virginia and the Southeast, but potential articles and reviews from outside the region are welcome as well. The editors of VRAS invite material on any aspect of Asia Studies for review by the Editor and selected readers. Because VCAS especially encourages research and study on Asia in the class-room, high quality work from graduate students and advanced undergraduates is very welcome. Faculty are invited to submit exceptional scholarly work by advanced students in graduate and undergraduate programs..

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Editorial and business matters should be addressed to the Editor:
Dr. Daniel A. Métraux, 413 Whitehall Ave., Staunton VA 24401, USA  or by Email: Please submit all material for editorial consideration for the 2017 issue of the VRAS no later than 15 April 2017. All material submitted for possible publication in the VRAS must be submitted electronically to the editor at

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Editors and Editorial Consultants:
Editor: Daniel A. Métraux, Mary Baldwin College
Associate Editor: Paul Capobianco, University of Iowa
Production Editor: Dustin Yoxall, Cake and Eat It Designs
Editorial Board of Advisors: Wilton Dillon (1923-2015), Smithsonian Institution; Margaret Richardson, Christopher Newport University; Triveni Mathur, Symbiosis Center for Media and Communication, Pune, India ; Roderic Owen, Mary Baldwin College; Amy Miller, Mary Baldwin College; Nasreen Akhtar, International Islamic University; William Head, Office of History, Robins AFB, Georgia.

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